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Artist Title Year    Peak* Rate this song
Santa Esmeralda Another Cha Cha (Nissim Mix) ()   '07      -- Vote
Chris Lake Changes (Original Dub)   '06      -- Vote
Billy Newton Davis & Deadmau5 All You Ever Want (DJ PP Dub)   '12      -- Vote
Blade, Liam J. Nabb & Simone Talking About The Power   '95      -- Vote
Central Living Everyday (Naked Penis Mix)   '01      -- Vote
Compuphonic Walking On The Edge   '14      -- Vote
The Killers Human (Armin Van Buuren Mix)   '09     #1 Vote
Hi-Lo Blow Out Connection   '00      -- Vote
Judy Torres Faithfully (Valentin Mix)   '06      -- Vote
Gavin Boyce Divine In You (Main Mix)   '12      -- Vote
Beyoncé Baby Boy (Jr Vasquez Club Mix)   '03     #2 Vote

* Peak position on Billboard's Top 50 Dance/Club Play Chart
+ Peak to date (this song is still climbing the chart)
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