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Artist Title Year    Peak* Rate this song
Ralph Rosario ft. Xaviera Gold You Used To Hold Me '98 ()   '98     #36 Vote
Basic Channel Q1.2   '95      -- Vote
Marcel Braun & Justyna New Day   '12      -- Vote
Whigfield Was A Time (Favretto Mix)   '04      -- Vote
Replika I Like It (Orginal Mix)   '07      -- Vote
STP featuring Kevin Yost An American In Paris   '99      -- Vote
Andrea Doria Bucci Bag(Vission ProFunk Mix)   '03     #3 Vote
Coldplay Speed Of Sound (S. Porter Mix)   '05      -- Vote
Felix Neumann Chemal (Christos Kessidis Mix)   '09      -- Vote
Gwen Stefani What You Waiting For(Club Mix)   '04     #1 Vote
Chad Neiro Nobodys Leaving (Rob Slac Mix)   '05      -- Vote

* Peak position on Billboard's Top 50 Dance/Club Play Chart
+ Peak to date (this song is still climbing the chart)
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